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At Diyi technology, we take care of your every kind of animation needs and requirement. Whether the animation is needed for movies, cartoons, TV serials, documentaries or web sites, our team of experienced and skilled graphic designers has the correct credentials and experience to deliver the required product or services with the given stipulated time. But having a discipline attitude doesn? mean that our graphic designers are compromising with the creative aspect of the product. Their long years in animation related field have made them skilled enough to maintain a fine balance between their creativity and discipline. That? why all our products score very high on quality and creativity aspect.

Animation web design is the forte of our company. Years of research and work in this particular field has given us edge over our contemporaries. Logos, banners, intros, movies or any other animated stuff, whatever you want in your website we have all the required technology, tools, technique and manpower to deliver to you that successfully.

Animation technology based tools and software products need very advanced and state of the art hardware components. That? why all our animated products such as animation web design are not cheap, but are very economical if you count the extraordinary quality, durability, crystal clear visuals and attractiveness of the product.

At Diyi technology, our state of the art animation studio consist of most advanced software and hardware equipments that combines with long hours of human hard work to produce that unique and spectacular piece of visual treat.

The entire animation web design products made by us are designed to perform at every major platform. They also go through very tough testing procedures so that the animation web design products don? give up under extreme conditions.

We provide 3D animation, architectural visualization, Flash animation, Special Effects (CGI), rendering, virtual reality (VR), mobile application, industrial and technical simulation, CAD conversion, animation web design, multimedia and host of other customized animation service as per the requirement of our customers.

Animation Web Design, Animation Studio

  •  3D demo for project evaluation and approval
  •  Cartoon character design
  •  Forensic animation
  •  Pre-vis
  •  Comic Book Illustration
  •  Character animation
  •  Animated film production
  •  Simulation of product and engineering design
  •  Game scene design

  •  3D rendering
  •  3D walkthrough
  •  3D demo of city planning
  •  3D demo of landscape planning
  •  Restoration of ancient architecture

  •  Digital sand-table system for city/community planning
  •  GIS (Geographic information system)
  •  Multifunctional educational system
  •  Simulation and restoration of cultural heritage
     and ancient architecture

  •  Corporate presentation
  •  E-commerce / shopping cart websites
  •  Flash Game & Flash interactive websites
  •  Hosting and video streaming
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •  Social media development & integration
  •  Mobile application / game for iphone, Blackberry & Windows Mobile

  •  Editing the picture / television program
  •  Editing the soundtrack
  •  Adding visual special effects (VFX)
  •  Dubbing and translation
  •  Computer-generated imagery (CGI)
  •  TV Commercials & Internet Commercials
  •  Transfer of film to video or data


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